We work with passion. We know what we are doing and why. We are a group of professional wedding planners, working in Łódź Warszawa, Wrocław and Białystok regions. The vibrant team full of ideas and energy.


We serve a wide range of help in organizing the ceremony at each stage of marriage ceremony and wedding reception.


We are a member of Polish Association of Wedding Planners, the association for the most experienced wedding planners in our country. Belonging to its structures, we confirm our professionalism and experience.

  • We work with the best subcontractors who are the professionals in own field. We know who and where to look for.
  • We look after to bottom all details of your marriage ceremony and wedding reception up. We take care of subcontractors to meet the deadlines and we inform you about the preparation progress of your celebration
  • Each marriage ceremony is for us different, each ceremony organization demands listening intently to your expectations.
  • We have great insight into the wedding market. We perfectly know how to make your day unforgettable.

We prepare each detail of your wedding with great involvement. The preparation of wedding ceremony and wedding reception concerns: finding an appropriate wedding object, offering professional subcontractors and preparing the wedding day schedule for you and all subcontractors.


We value your time so that is why instead of you we take part in meetings, call countless times and write many dozens of e-mails. This way you save time which you can spend together.


We take care of the preparations till the end. We are with you during the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception. You can always rely on us.




organizacja slubu i wesela Warszawa

Agata Chutnik: I love working with people! It is an involving and amazing task at the same time. All the more, when we are working during such a special day as the wedding day.

As a wedding planner I have been working  since 2009. I organize the wedding ceremony and wedding receptions in Warszawa and Łódź regions. I organize them not only for Polish brides and grooms but also for couples from around the world. I love international and intercultural weddings. I organized Polish-Indian, Polish-Dutch, Polish-Danish weddings and many others. Each one is unique, each one is individual. Each Young Couple is charming for me. I have to work hard with every couple but it gives me much satisfaction!

I like most… the moment of marriage vows. It is so charming, bright and true.

From the formal matters, I am the founder and owner of the Agaya brand







konsultantka slubna Kamila Nowinska

Kamila Nowińska: My main qualities include being organized, unconventional, creative and constantly striving for perfection. In my world, the glass is always half full – optimism is my innate trait. During special events, like weddings, I like to let fantasy lead me in order to make sure that your dreams come true. Thanks to my hobbies, such as traveling, I have a unique approach to any theme and a countless number of ideas.












komu powierzyc organizację ślubu Małgosia Skwarczyńska: I love working with people and fulfil their dreams. I do my best to understand their needs and meet their expectations. Due to the fact that each couple is different, I can use my creativity and develop myself every day.

For several years I have been organizing events and travels for an international organization. Now, I have a chance to do what I love the most – make Married Couple’s dreams come true. Thanks to my organizational skills and my ideas, the Married Couple can enjoy a unique and perfectly organized wedding. Their family and friends can enjoy the wedding they will remember for a very long time.










organizacja slubu i wesela LodzAnna Podsędkowska: Working with people is my passion, and organization and planning is a part of me. The successful end of each challenge gives me great satisfaction. That is why I try to broaden my horizons and take up actions which help me to accomplish my plans.

For over five years I have been working as an organizer of meetings, events and business trips. I cooperate with many people from hotel, catering, music and event industry. I’ve organized meetings with people from around the world, among others from China, Germany, Hungary and the Netherlands. My work became my passion and realization of my ideas became my great self-fulfillment. Thanks to it I achieve great satisfaction and that is why I decided to test myself as a wedding planner.








organizacja slubu LodzAgnieszka Olender: I graduated Technical University Faculty of Organization and Management, which prepared me to work as a organization specialist in different levels. That is why at work I love discipline and good organization.
Many years of experience of working with people gives me a great satisfaction and a chance for self-realization, and working by organizing weddings is a great pleasure for me. I always require from myself creativity in all my activities. Nothing is impossible for me, whatever I do, I try to be effective. I believe that the energy, knowledge and passion is a recipe for success. And success is to make each young couple focus on magic of the unforgettable day.










wedding planner WrocławAleksandra Jarocińska: Plans, schedules, agendas – I got them in my blood, and when they cause one’s dreams come true is for me the greatest happiness. Professionally I manage training projects for international clients, so challenges at every stage of the preparations for the “big day” are not strange to me. But, what I like the most in all of this is work with other people, talk about how I can transform dreams into reality. As the popular saying says “impossible things I handle of the hand, miracles take me some time” – every, even the craziest idea is for me an inspiration and motivation for action, so Bride & Groom could enjoy the wedding of their dreams.











wedding-planner-bialystokKatarzyna Kujawa: For me wedding is like a movie. For each one we need to write a business plan, script and then – direct it. There is no screenplay that can not be turned into a fairy-tale dream of a groom and a bride. That’s all I create through passion and perseverance, which I develop every day. I love to work with people and come into contact with different cultures Thanks to that I have a head full of ideas