What do the Bride and the Groom have to know?

The wedding. For the Groom:

Co-przyszla-Panna-Mloda-i-przyszly-Pan-Mlody-powinien-wiedziecThe wedding ceremony is a great experience. You can think the other way but the amount of men who loses their voice in front of the altar is speaks for itself. The emotions aren’t any embarrassment but in order to cope with this situation you need to be appropriately prepared. New suit, shoes and (!) new underwear aren’t unnecessary expenses. Moreover, all these things you will use many times and it the advantage of your suit over the wedding dress.

When you look really good and have a feeling that your weeding is professionally prepared, you will stay more self-confident facing many eyes gathered in the church. Remember, people who come to your wedding wish you all the best and they come to celebrate with you. Do not let anyone, even your best friend, persuade you to drink a glass of alcohol before going out in order to feel more courageous –  there is nothing worse than the smell of alcohol from the Groom!

Your marriage ceremony and wedding reception is your celebration. Maybe there is bit of truth in saying that it is a party for your family and relatives but first of all you should have fun and remember this event. It is worth investing money reasonably. Plan your wedding day in the way that everyone would feel good. Talk to people who has experience in this area how to arrange the guest tables or what kind of additional attractions there should be planned on that day. If your friends do not know each other, maybe it is worth organizing a party several weeks before the wedding?

Talk to your fiancée. No matter how long you know each other, she is also going through this celebration and is paying a lot attention to it. She can talk about it or not, it depends on the person, but emotions connected to the wedding are getting bigger and bigger. Talk to each other and be with each other as long as possible. Invite her for a walk, to the cinema, to dance and above all – engage yourself into preparation as much as you can. Be sure, that both of you care about it.


The wedding. For the Bride:

Co-przyszla-Panna-Mloda-i-przyszly-Pan-Mlody-powinien-wiedziec (1)The wedding preparations it time of enormous emotions. It is your unique day. You family, relatives, friends will share your joy with you. And believe me, that they all will be fascinated with you and your (really soon) husband. Tell your fiancé what you want to take care of and what not. How do you imagine your wedding? And how your wedding ceremony and the wedding reception? Who do you want to invite? In what measure do you want to take care of the organization and how much time can you dedicate to it? What is important for you and for him? Wedding organization is really time-consuming task which requires attention to great amount of essential details. It’s also the only one such event in life!

Time of preparations for your wedding is the time that you should spent together as much as possible. Go for a walk together, visit your friends, ride a bike. Think what you like doing together. Talk to each other. Your man also experiences the wedding preparations but the other way of course. Remember that men more often have problems to express their feelings.

Your appearance is undoubtedly one of the most important issues on the wedding day. Don’t be afraid to invest in it but remember, nevertheless, your decision is the most important. Nothing else

Think about the costs that you are prepared for. Have you already thought about your wedding dress? Against all common views it’s not true that the wedding dress has to be worn just once! Everything depends on your fantasy:) You can take your wedding dress for your honeymoon, you can wear it each anniversary or just get it on for surprise from time to time.

Pay attention to details but be flexible and open for changes. Not everything can be planned but sometimes these all not planned things are the most amazing. It is important that you and your husband have fun during the wedding reception. And remember: the most beautiful Bride, the happiest Bride!

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Agata Chutnik, Agaya wedding planner Lodz Warszawa

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