Beautiful memories are the best wedding gift. Be with those who you love, the wedding organization leave to us.

We will organize your wedding ceremony and wedding reception from the very beginning till the end according to your wish.


The organisation process looks as follows:

  • We discuss with you your ideas about your dream wedding.
  • We present you an offer of the most suitable places for your wedding reception.
  • We discuss the theme of the wedding: at this point you choose a particular style of the wedding and the main colours of the decoration.
  • We help you to choose the wedding invitations. Additionally, we can also send them to your guests on your behalf.
  • We help you to choose the wedding gown and the suit for the groom.
  • We advise you on the choice of the first dance and dance courses.
  • We adjust the place of the reception to your requirements. We are also in charge of the decoration and the tables arrangement.
  • We organise floral decoration of both the place of ceremony and the place of the reception.
  • We advise you on the choice of the menu.
  • If you like, we can be in charge of the hairdresser and beautician.
  • We advise you on the choice of wedding accessories for you, best men and bridesmaids: bouquets, buttonholes etc.
  • We are in change of the wedding car and also its floral decoration.
  • We re in charge of the music. We find singers, bands or DJs for the wedding ceremony and the reception.
  • We advise you on the choice of wedding games and attractions.
  • We help you to choose a cameraman and a photographer.
  • We are in charge of the transport for the guests and also their accommodation.
  • We advise you on the choice of table decoration , printed menu and seat arrangements.
  • If you like we can also be responsible for the wedding cake, cupcakes, sweet table etc.
  • We find a person who will entertain and take care of the children during the reception.
  • We help you to choose gifts for your parents and the guests.
  • We prepare wedding time schedules for you and for the subcontractors.
  • We coordinate the whole ceremony and the reception

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Agaya wedding planners will help you organise your wedding at any stage of preparations. If you already decided on some aspects of it but you’ve come across some problems, we are ready to do the rest for you.


  • Our tasks are strictly dependent on your requirements and needs. We can either prepare an offer of the whole wedding or just be in charge of some parts of it.
  • On your request we can also coordinate the whole wedding ceremony and reception.

All the details of the wedding will be discussed with you since we believe that the details matter the most.

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The wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most important experiences of your life. Do not spend it on thinking about all technicalities. Let us do it for you and enjoy the time with your family and friends without any worries.


On your behalf we can coordinate your wedding ceremony and wedding reception. The supervision starts two weeks before the wedding.


What does it include?:

  • First, we discuss with you all the details concerning the wedding. We check whether you haven’t forgotten about any important aspect of the wedding. If it happens, we are in charge of filling all the missing parts.
  • We organize the wedding logistically and give instructions to the subcontractors.
  • We prepare wedding time schedules for you and the subcontractors.
  • A day before the wedding we contact all subcontractors and make sure they will arrive on time.
  • We personally assist in the wedding preparations of the place of ceremony and reception.
  • We are responsible for your guests’ arrival, accommodation and departure.
  • We receive all the calls from subcontractors and guests so that you will not be disturbed in any way.
  • We monitor the subcontractors’ work until the very end of the wedding reception. If there is an issue we refer to contracts with the companies.
  • We help you in every difficult situation.
  • We always have an emergency kit which consists of all the necessary accessories such as scissors, needles and threads.
  • We are in charge of the flowers and wedding gifts.
  • We carefully watch the ceremony to make sure everything starts on time.
  • If you like we can also help you to settle up with the subcontractors

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Other services


The wedding counseling is a part of offer for the young couples who want to prepare their wedding day on their own but they need hints concerning exact solutions or help in looking for subcontractors.


What should be paid attention to in the selection of subcontractors? Where to look for them? What is important to ask for during the meetings with subcontractors? What should be included in the contracts? What are the unusual solutions when the budget is limited? Our wedding planner will answer all these questions during the individual meeting.

Wedding SOS

When your wedding is just to be and you suddenly discover that you have forgotten about something… come forward to us! We will try to do our best to find the solution. Wedding SOS is also the offer for those who make some decisions at the last moment. If you care about the professional realization of your ideas, contact us.

Hen party/ stag party

Expectations concerning a hen party or stag party can be really different. Some of you want this evening to be crazy, some prefer to spend this time in the closest friends circle and prepare yourself to the marriage. But there are also those who choose a trip outside the town where they are supposed to test themselves whether they are worth of future relationship. You can entrust our wedding planner with the preparation of your hen or stag party. You can also ask us for a piece of advice or ideas, or just to ask how to prepare everything.

Jubilee celebrations and anniversaries

Jubilee can be much more original and interesting than the marriage celebration or wedding reception because they are not connected to the defined action schema. They are the chance for unforgettable experiences which you will return to with the pleasure.

Our consultants set individually with each client what they jubilee should look like. Should it be thematic, refer to the memories or be crazy and unique? Is it supposed to be a meeting full of emotions? Do you want a dance to dominate? Entertainment? The return to the tradition and wedding day? Or maybe, the other way, do you fancy extreme sports? All the details you can discuss and set individually with our consultants.

Christening party and First Communion reception

The Christening party and First Communion reception are wonderful celebrations and unforgettable experience not only for parents and the closest family but also for friends. Our consultants will organize these celebrations in accordance with your individual expectations. As a part of our work we can prepare the whole event or we can present the offer referring to the chosen elements. We can advise the exact solutions and wide range of professional subcontractors. Thanks to the gained experience we can indicate the most interesting places with extraordinary localization, find the best subcontractors, take care of essential logistic solutions. We invite you for individual meeting on which we will get to know your needs and expectations.

Baby Shower

There’s nothing more beautiful than welcoming a child into our lives. Kids turn our world upside down, but the joy and love they bring is priceless. Baby shower is a unique opportunity to celebrate the expectant parents by showing them love, care and support in these final weeks before a new pair of tiny feet appears at their doorstep. With our team’s help you can make this day truly unforgettable. With years of experience and hundreds of events on our record, we will provide you with professional help and guidance at each stage of the preparations. Whether your wish is to have us organize the party from top to bottom, or just to assist you on particular challenges you can always count on our team to bring you help and advice which is indispensable.

How do we work?
Step 1: Contact us

The first step which begins our cooperation is a noncommittal meeting or a phone call. To arrange the meeting you can call us, send an email or fill in the contact form on our website. During the first meeting we get to know each other, discuss your general ideas about your wedding and possibly our responsibilities. We can contact via skype, mail or phone.

Step 2: Individual offer

Each couple is unique and has different needs and expectations. On the basis of our first meeting we prepare an individual offer and price of our service. It encompasses a list of our tasks and duties. The price of our service is dependent on the number and range of our tasks. It is a lump sum proportional to the time and effort of organising your wedding.

Step 3: Your decision

When you accept our individual offer we prepare a contract. As soon as it is signed we begin intensive preparations for your wedding. You can easily contact us at any stage of wedding preparations. At the right time we present you a list of subcontractors and ideas concerning your wedding.