Ann-Kristin i Rafał

All, Classic, International
O tym projekcie

Unforgettable wedding, planed in every detail. The bride dreamt about since she was a child. That is why this wedding was different than others. In addition, it was Protestant, international wedding with Norwegian specificity. Why? Because the bride was form Norway and the groom from Poland. We adjusted different traditions to Norwegian conditions. The priest was from Norway, the wedding was in Norwegian with Polish translation. The groom was sitting in front of the bride until the marriage vows. The groom’s mum was playing the cello.

The young couple was happy. Everything was exactly as they wanted. The atmosphere of the wedding reception was absolutely international: Polish traditions were mixed up with Norwegian. Of course, the young couple was greeted with bread and salt. There were also glass throwing, the traditional Norwegian speeches or rolling pin with wishes from guests. Everyone was enjoying the wedding party.

Because the bride was running out of time, we organized the outdoor photo session on the wedding day. It was prefect because the place of the wedding reception gave a lot of posssibilities. In the romantic atmosphere, smiling, hugging, the young couple looked really beautifully.